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Balanced Therapy by Trish

Definition of Balanced by Merriam-Webster:
being in a state of balance : having different parts or elements properly or effectively arranged, proportioned, regulated, considered, etc.
Definition of Therapy by Merriam-Webster :
therapeutic treatment especially of bodily, mental, or behavioral disorder
Definiton of Balanced Therapy by Trish: 
Properly arranging the body while therapeutically treating the body's behavior by helping to correct the disorder.. 
NeuroMayofascial Stretch Therapy
NeuroMayofascial Stretch Therapy

NeuroMayofascial Stretch Therapy is a gentle, calming, non-aggressive style of bodywork that starts with calming the central nervous system in the body and then gently gliding your body into new positions that release the NeuroMayofascia .  This is a unique approach to bodywork that utilizes stretching techniques to dramatically improve flexibility.  During a session you will experience visible and immediate gains in your range of motion while in a relaxed state.  Once you feel this new way of stretching and releasing it is easier to re-create on your own.  I can help teach you how to stretch and release troublesome spots to maintain your optimal fascial flexibility and alignment.  The effects of the sessions are cumulative, please feel free to contact me for more information about packages.

60 min-$85

75 min-$105

90 min- $125


Pilates is a safe, fun and effective workout, integrating your mind and body connection. Through movement, postural changes will happen to your body and bad habits will be broken through correct alignment, utilizing the Classical Pilates system. This specific repertoire and exercises on the Mat and Apparatus, will strengthen and stretch at the same time all your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Give your body the fuel and understanding it needs for daily activities, feel lighter, longer, more flexible and strong. Personal sessions are excellent for injuries, pregnancies, athletes that want to be specific for their favorite sport, elders, or just people that want to have their own rhythm in their workout.  Two can exercise simultaneously as well, under the constant guidance of Trish. Share the experience with a loved one and a friend. 


Single 55 min session -$65

Duo 55 min session - $40 pp 


A little about Trish...

    Way back in 1993, she suffered a low back injury waiting tables, and was prescribed Pilates by her chiropractor.  As she started doing Pilates more, she needed the chiropractor less. That's when she realized she needed to know more, so she then completed the long process of studying Pilates and getting certified.  

     Since knowledge is power, in 2013 she started her journey to helping others get out of pain without causing pain by getting her certificates in Fascial Stretch Therapy, Structural Relief Therapy, a Voila Method Attendee, Neuromyofacial Stretch Specialist, Rock Tape, and Rock Blades.

     Using her education and techniques in various non pain causing modalities, and Pilates, Trish caters every session to listening to the clients body, needs, and goals. She has helped countless clients overcome pain and dysfunction in areas of pre & postnatal therapy, SI dysfunction, pelvic pain, and adolescent growing pains to name a few. Her passion is focusing on helping people avoid the need for medical intervention by offering wellness services , Pilates, and more, to begin re-educating and balancing the body..



My Office


Cell Phone: 509-341-0551


Mon-Tues/Thurs-Fri 9am-5:30 pm

Wed/Sat-Sun out of the office

Get in touch




"I went in feeling pretty good, but walked about feeling amazing. My right hip has been giving me some trouble, which in turn effects the body all the way down to the feet. My right has been bother me, so Trisha taped it, and went deep into her tool box of knowledge to work out my hip, glutes, hamstrings, and so on. The thing I love about Trisha, is she's not only smart, but she truly cares about her clients, and wants them to get better. Thanks Trisha!"

Jim Harvill

Fascial Stretching

"Trish was incredible! This was my first visit with her as I try to regain my triathlon form after taking 1½ years off of serious training, so this realigning- and therapy-stretching session was just what I needed!"

Mary White

Myofascial Therapy/ Stretch

"I'm an athletic 51 year old woman with 6 vertebrae fused - metal rods due to scoliosis. I always face some stiffness, discomfort, asymmetry, scarring, 2ndary injury, etc. Trish observes where tension, asymmetry and imbalance are sitting, and she helps me ease, open, realign, release, stretch and learn more of what's "going in in there" so I can maintain strength, flex, feel good and avoid injury. She's a talented, gentle, observant, hard working practitoner giving 110% all the time. Powerful."

Amy H

OMG Amazing!

"Trish was absolutely wonderful! She diagnosed my weak points immediately and answered all my questions with honesty and humor. I feel so much better, and my other treatments are holding better because of my visit with her. Can't wait for my next appointment."

Dedee S

Amazing work!

"Trish is a great trainer, encouraging, accurate, and helpful! I'm seeing my body change from my sessions with Trish. I feel stronger, more aligned and energized."

Ryan Edwards

Trish is amazing!

"Trisha is very passionate and personable about what she does and it shows. As a massage therapist, I am very picky about who I go to for my own issues. Trish has caught and treated problems that others missed with great results. Thanks Trish!"


Knowledgeable & Insightful

"Trisha has been an important part of our daughters athletic program. She is able to figure out why things hurt even when the answer is hiding. "

Jesi L


"I've been spending hundreds on massage and chiropractic and since going to Trish I have had fewer headaches and less trips to the chiropractor! Relief and feeling like progress is being made is worth every penny!"


Skilled instruction and therapy!

"I've been consciously working on bringing my body into balance through massage, bodywork, and Yoga for over 10 years. The private pilates sessions with Trish have answered my questions of why certain areas were out of balance and how to bring them into balance. Trish's keen eye makes sure that the body is properly aligned, thus strengthening what needs to be strengthened, and allowing over worked muscles to relax. I am feeling strong, pain free, and empowered. Thank you Trish."

Jax Tucker

Working on my ankles

"thanks to Trisha, she is really helping me get over a bad sprained ankle. It has really helped the healing process"

Melanie Tucker

Keeps Us Moving

"We have a house of athletes. It is so important to keep the fascia loosened. Trish has helped us with injuries and tightness. She really helps in the prevention and the healing of injuries."

Justin Stoltzfus

Great Therapy

"Trisha does an amazing job at listening to concerns and making changes to your body. The results are therapeutic and beneficial to everyday life. "

Jesi L

Little known therapy but awesome experience

"I heard about Trish through a friend. I've struggled with headaches & muscle tension for years going to chiropractors & massage therapists to get some relief. This was totally different and I am very hopeful that this is what I was missing! It was a great experience and Trish is very knowledgeable and friendly. I'm going again!"

Brad S

Well worth it

"Trisha's knowledge and application are terrific. She does a great job tailoring to your condition, spends a lot of time working through the issues, and is very good at applying different techniques to seek out positive results. Hers is definitely not a one size fits all approach. Highly recommend her services."

Natasha Hoglund

Extremely beneficial

"Overall, the most intense body work I have experienced! Done in such a gentle, rhythmic manner. The after effect experienced, was a combination of many forms of energetic release. I felt renewed, relaxed, exhausted... all at once. Trisha is an amazing combination of strength, warmth, confidence - guiding one to go deeper within in such a mutually intuitive way! My son and I have both benefited. Very grateful!!!"


Point of fact.

"Very helpful. Extremely knowledgeable. Most pleasant and empathetic. There are at least 33 more reasons but I ranoutofspace."



"She was great and I plan followup visits. She was able to give my shoulder and neck relief where other services have helped but not quite hit the mark. I highly recommend her service."

Sue Harris

Fascial Stretching

"I have been going to Trish for about 9 months for Fascial Stretching. She does an amazing job of relieving stress and increasing flexibility in my body caused by tight muscles and old injuries. I highly recommend her to anyone that has pain or injuries caused by an imbalance in the muscular structure or a lack of flexibility. "

Erin Davidson (Kennady's Mom)


"Amazed with Trisha's knowledge in working with my daughter Kennady on her flexiblity. Excited to see the progress after a few more session."

Sidsel Berry

Amazing knowledge

"Trish has an amazing knowledge of the body's anatomy and has a great understanding of what you body needs and how everything is connected.I am so appreciative of her help relieving my bad hip and shoulder of pain after my bicycle accident

Barbara B

Magic Hands

"Trisha accomplished more to help my neck pain and inability to turn my head in two 60 minute sessions than 2 months of PT. I didn't realize how painful my neck has been for the last 2 1/2 years until that pain was gone after my second session with her. She is a beautiful human being inside and out, who cares deeply about her therapy and her clients. She is extremely gentle."

Taryn Harris


"Trish is really great. She listens and makes sure your comfortable. It's always a pain free experience. She is really good at finding what is causing your problems. "

Kelly Wehmeyer


"Having been an athlete all my adult life, I have used and abused my body. Through the years I have had massages, and chiropractic visits, but never facial stretching! I'm fairly in tune with my body and new right away this wasn't just something I needed, but really enjoyed. I highly recommend it. Thank you Trisha!"

Jill Martinez


"Trisha was amazing at helping my daughter to heal and get moving again after 3 foot surgeries. Her warmth and understanding of sports injuries are a true blessing for a kid like mine!!"

Maija Henderson


"Playing the violin for 30+ years has left its mark on my muscles. Trisha was able to get my shoulder and back to relax and I am pain free! I highly recommend this for all musicians. Trisha has such a wonderful touch. Thank you, Trisha!"

Scott Wehmeyer

Lower body stretching session

"It was great! I'm very stiff and sore, and knew I need professional help, getting me limber, and learning how to take care of myself at home! I have scheduled more appointments. I would highly recommend Trisha!"

Carol Coston

Professional, Incredible Body Work

"Trisha is extremely knowledgeable and individualizes each session directly related to the needs of the body. Her packages of appointments allow the muscles, joints and fascia to improve with each session. I highly recommend Trisha to all athletes and anyone with muscle, joint, or nerve issues."

Julie B

Exceptional service

"Trisha was very knowledgeable, she took time to listen and to my concerns. I had never heard of a CFSS Level 3. I have a lot of nerve damage and a fused neck but want to stay active. I feel like Trisha was able to help. I will be making follow up appointments. Thank you! Julie "

Nicole W

A life saver

"I am so incredibly lucky to have found Trish. She is a true healer, beyond just learning the technique, she LOVES what she does and it shows. She has taught me things about my own body that I didn't even know and has set me on a fantastic path to recovery. I look forward to each an every session. "

Thom Vetter


"Trisha solved issues many others were unable to deal with. Will be using her on a regular basis for this Old athletes body. "

Jan Vetter

Trish works wonders!

"This was my first visit with Trish and I didn't really know what to expect. She is amazing. I was amazed at how much easier it was for me to move the following day. I will definitely be scheduling more appointments!"

Autumn K

Highly Recommend

"Wish I would have known about FST and Trish several years ago. I would recommend her to anyone! Athletes and couch potatoes alike would benefit greatly from being stretched by Trish!"

Lucy Nelson


"I am extremely happy about this service help out my son and I, get us in so quickly, you can tell she is passionate to her job."

Carol W

Truly Caring

"Trish is very unique in the fact that she spends time, outside of her "office", thinking about how to help a client with their issue. She truly cares about each and every client, whether they are seeing her for "maintenance" or a particular issue. I don't know how I managed to keep my body moving before she started doing Facsial Stretch."

June Poffenroth-Taylor

Review of Trish 

"I have been doing Facsial Stretch with Trish for a number of years. She is very professional and very knowledgeable in what she does. I recommend her to everyone. You don't know how good you can feel until you have had a session with Trish. "

Shannon Hafermann

Trish's Stretch Therapy

"Trisha's care was very professional and very, very effective! She has great hands. I felt like melted butter afterwards. "                                

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